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Christian Overcomers Fellowship 

Show the way to each individual to be an overcomer...

Show the way to each individual to be an overcomer...

Christian Over comers Fellowship(COF), is a christian organisation located in South India; is dedicated to carry out sustainable development work among the underprivileged,  the marginalized, the downtrodden and the exploited irrespective of caste creed,colour sex or religion. It exists to show the love of God to humanities expressed in the Bible. 

Our Works

We are doing many works in different places of India!!

Success Stories


Cof Helped me to achive my dreams!!!

“I always kept me busy when I was a small boy”, recalls Satheesh about his childhood experience in the Happy Children Home. Satheesh Kumar grew up in an Orphanage
called Happy Children Home, which was run with the support of COF.


From a mason to an Engineer

“Becoming an engineer is my childhood dream”, says Renchu. Renchu came to our
Children House of Hope for a long time. Even after when he started going to college, he used to visit the CHH now and then. He came and helped the children in their studies.


Home for homeless

A house is really essential for a family to sustain from the calamities as well
as to overcome their life’s struggle.


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