Seed Project Pastor's Meeting
       Seed Project works for the development of village pastors, helps them to have a susta-
       inable income through income generating projects. There are 24 pastors in the Seed
       project in the state of Tamil Nadu. These pastors are living in different regions of
       Tamil Nadu. So, we have classified them into three different groups. These three groups
       will gather alternatively in a place/church once in three months. These meetings will
       be monitored by COF secretary, Pr. Isaac and staff, Ankels.

       The prime purpose of this gathering is to help the pastors understand the Seed project
       and, to give them clear understanding about the function and work of COF ministries.
       It will also help us to have a touch with the pastors and, we may have a clear idea
       about their ministries and families. This meeting will enable a fellowship among the
       pastors and, they can share one another and they will pray for their ministries, country,
       COF and their sponsors. The benefits of such gatherings are many and we found it is
       good to have at least one meeting every month.

      So, the first meeting was held on June 18 at Servaikaranpatti, Karur. 12 pastors were
      expected to attend the meeting but 9 pastors were participated. We, Ankels and Pr.
      Isaac attended the meeting representing COF. The meeting was started at morning 10 O’
      clock. Pr. Samuel started with prayer and led the worship section.

      Then we spend time for interceding various prayer matters, praying for
      * COF ministries, it’s President and his family, the managing body, staffs and who are
      directly or indirectly involved with COF ministries
      * Nora Aunty, for her good health and also for the blessing of her family
      * COF Sponsors and well wishers
      * Seed Project Pastors, their ministries and families
      * Cof beneficiaries including children, women and men
      * The blessing of our nation India
      * Peace and unity among the nations

      After the time of Intercession Pr. Isaac preached from the word of God, encouraged the
      pastors through his testimony and concluded the section with prayer and blessings.