Old Aged Home
       When the elderly people grew old they end up in facing the miseries of their
       lives with no one to care and no one to rely upon. No means of income force
       them to a big dilemma ‘how to live their own lives’. With the aim of helping
       such people, COF’s Old Age Home was established.

       Old age home seeks to provide peace and joy by caring of the aged people in
       terms of their physical, spiritual and social needs; and the home will take
       care of their hardships, loneliness and fear in their aged days. We believe
       that in providing an environment of love, acceptance, security and a sense
       of belonging to the elderly people, he or she is helped to experience the
       life normally.

       COF provides accommodation for these elders with each one a room, a cot,
       a mattress, a fan, a toilet, a common television and other facilities. Every

      day, in the morning breakfast with a cup of coffee/tea is provided and after
      noon, lunch is given. Coffee/tea and biscuits are served later in the afternoon
      and dinner at night. Helpers are appointed to clean their room, clothes and
      to feel a home like atmosphere and ensure to provide all the facilities and
      other utilities regularly. Their health is taken cared by the regular visit of
      a physician. These were done to give them a feel like their own home.