From a mason to an engineer
       “Becoming an engineer is my childhood dream”, says Renchu. Renchu came to our
       Children House of Hope for a long time. Even after when he started going to
       college, he used to visit the CHH now and then. He came and helped the children
       in their studies.

       “Most of my holidays I spent working as a helper to mason. It helped me to know
       about civil engieering”, he further adds.

       "But with my family's financial condition I thought it would never happen. How
       ever, I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering and now I am in search of a
       job and soon I will get one. I thank my family, COF, Nora aunty and my sonsor
       for helping me to achieve my dream. I too have contributed my part by working in
       the weekends and holidays." These are the words from Renchu.

      COF helps and encourages the disadvantage young girls and boys to do trade/
      industrial trainning which offer them jobs.

      You too can reach out such disadvantaged children and give them a promise of
      a better future.