Many youngsters in India could not continue their higher studies when they
          finish their school. The key reason for this is because of their family‚Äôs
          financial situation. No matter they have talents and skills; they have to quit
          their studies. This results in a society, which has countless of untrained men
          women entering into the field toil as labourers throughout their lifetime with-
          out any development.

          COF has been supporting young men and women to have higher learning. We
          choose youngsters who have no facilities to have a higher education but have
          talents and abilities. We have been supporting such youngsters to pay their
          tuition fees either fully or partly according to the provision and the requ-
          irement of the candidate.

          We largely encourage them to do technical and trade trainings; if they have
          ability to Bachelor degrees, we support them to do so. Our motive is to make a

      society with talented youngsters, who can really make a lasting impact in the
      society as well as in their own lives.