A Dream Become True
       “I always kept me busy when I was a small boy”, recalls Satheesh about his child
       hood experience in the Happy Children Home. Satheesh Kumar grew up in an Orp-
       hanage called Happy Children Home, which was run with the support of COF.

       “It was my caretaker, he who found the potential which was in me. And with the
       support and guidance from the COF, I could pursue the Industrial Training (ITI)
       in Air-conditioning. Now I am working as an apprentice in a Air-condition
       mechanic shop”, he adds.

       “COF helped in every possible way to make my dream come true. They also helped
       me to learn driving and I got my own driving license. Today I am what I am is
       because of COF. Soon I will become a professional Air-condition mechanic and
       I thank COF and my sponsor for helping me to achieve this” says Satheesh Kumar.

      COF helps disadvantage children like Satheesh Kumar by providing them support
      and care for their day today life.

      You too can reach out such disadvantaged children with us and give them a
      promise of a better future.