CHH Project Manager's & Teacher 's Meet
          Children House of Hope (CHH) project managers and teachers meeting was held
          on July 29, 2014 in the administration building of COF at Mangalakuntu. Project
          managers and teachers from all the centers in Tamil Nadu gathered together for
          the meeting.

          The meeting started at 10.00 am. Ankels, the Co-ordinator of COF presided the
          meeting. He welcomed the Project Managers and the teachers. He shared some of
          the important things with the project managers and the teachers for the growth
          and the development of CHH. Ajith Kumar, the Accountant of COF shared few
          thingsrelated to the accounts. Isaac, the Secretary of COF, had few words with them.

          After spending few minutes in discussion and sharing The meeting was concluded
          at 12.30 pm. Lunch was served and everyone went to their respective places to
          work further in the CHH centers with a new insight to create impact on the society
          by teaching and taking good responsibility of the children.


      * To give awareness to the villagers on the importance of basic education.
      * To teach the children not to break the studies in between and encourage
         them to complete their school studies and to make a professional/technical/
         industrial courses.
      * To give a proper counsel to the students and their parents regarding
         chossing the higher studies after completing the school.
      * Teachers should inspire the children in every realm, partiularly in discipline,
         punctuality and sincerity.
      * If a student is not good in his/her studies, it is teacher's responsibility to
         find out a proper way to make him improve in his/her studies.