Borewells for farmers
          Bore well installation is a part of our Agriculture Development Project for the
          farmers. We support the farmers in our farmers cooperatives to have borewells
          in their agriculture field. These farmers have land of their own and have water
          availability under the land. But they were not able to dig a borewell of their
          own. So, they depend on the rain water for cultivation. During the dry season,
          when rain fails; their crops were dried up, letting the farmers into a huge loss.
          The result is the farmers become debtors and end up with nothing even to eat.

          Knowing the situation of the farmers and with the contribution from LET’S
          SHARE we have dug 10 borewells for the farmers from our cooperatives. The
          farmers too have contributed a part in this. 62 other farmer families of our
          cooperatives are still without water.

          Your generous contributions are most welcome.