Agriculture Development Project (ADP)
       Agriculture development project (ADP) runs by COF is completly a agro develop-
       ment project, to develop the production of crops and the life of the downtrodden
       farmers in India.

       COF gives special concern for the improvement of agriculture and the development
       of small and marginal farmers, tenant farmers and landless coolies.The demand of
       the food crops and agro related products are increasing day by day. However, there
       is no improvement in the agriculture productions or in the lives of small and marginal
       farmers, tenant farmers and landless coolies.

       “One report from 2008 claimed India's population is growing faster than its ability
       to produce rice and wheat.”(“Agriculture in India.” Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia.
       Encyclopedia Wikipedia). The production ability of India is declining every year.
       Various lands related and agro-operational issues affect small and marginal farmers,
       tenant farmers and landless coolies. This includes size of the land, wages, water

      availability, procurement of produce, preparation for next crop and elimination of
      chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers are not aware of the new techniques
      and the right crop cultivation which is suitable for their land. Also the farmers
      are not economically strong enough to have all these facilities to have a better

      The farmers are brought together through the means of co-operative groups in every
      village. We support them financially to buy agro tools, manure, quality seeds etc.
      Our volunteers help them by conducting seminars and meetings; where agriculture
      experts, animal husbandry experts and veterinarians are called and counsel the far-
      mers to have better profit in their effort. Importance of hygiene and savings are
      the other things our volunteers teach to the farmers. They also help the farmers in
      getting theproduction to the market without the involvement of the mediators. Nearly
      five thousand villagers got job opportunities from those particular villages.