Happy Children Home
       ‘Happy Home Orphanage’ was commenced with an obvious and distinct
       intention of serving the deprived and disadvantaged children of the society
       irrespective of religion, caste, community, tribe, gender etc. Happy home
       orphanage is devoted to the care of orphan children whose parents are
       deceased or otherwise unable to care for them.

       COF gives special care and love for the Orphan and Semi- Orphan children.
       It feeds, shelters, clothes, educates and provides medical care to the Orphan
       children who are under the care of dedicated people. So that we are concent-
       rating the request of the dedicated people who have the vision to function
       the orphanages but struggle to provide the needs of the children by their own.
       A regular follow-up and financial assistance is given to them. This brings real
       joy and hope to the orphan and semi-orphan children.

      When a child completes his School, we guide him/her to choose a best course
      to ensure him a better carrier, which helps him to settle down in his life by
      his own. We also run an Orphanage named ‘My Father’s Home’ in the state of
      Orissa, which has fourteen children. Two of them, Ashish and Bobitha are in
      a special boarding school for their higher education. Our aim is to help them
      to feel a home like atmosphere and ensure to provide all the facilities and
      opportunities as like other normal children with the support of our benefactors.