Children House of Hope (CHH)
       The project Children House of Hope (CHH) is designed by the COF with a
       purpose of improving the physical, social, educational and moral needs the
       villages and slums children. It is a long term progress.

       Literacy rate in India is very low, mainly in the villages and slums. It's because
       of the poverty and economic crisis of the parents. As they suffer financialy don't
       send their children to school and prefer to send them to do odd jobs. So, that their
       income may support the financially suffering family. And because of that the child-
       ren who are supposed to get basic education end up as a child workers.

       The initial focus of CHH is to increase the literacy rate in the villages and slums.
       CHH care centres were established in the villages and the volunteers from the local
       community help us to find out the school dropouts and we encourage such child's
       parents to send their children to school.

      Then, the volunteers from the local community help the children every in their
      school lessons every evening; so that the children may continue their studies
      without any thought breaking. We provide study materials such as note books, pen,
      pencil, school bags and school uniform were distributed every year to encourage
      the children and the parents to send their children to year to encourage we
      provide nutrition enriched food to the village children who suffer malnutition.

      Further when a boy or a girl from the CHH finishes his school; he will be suppo-
      rted to do trade/industrial training or professional course or college according
      to his or her ability and talent. That is why; we call it as a long term progress,
      because we work with the children until they get job and settle in their lives.
      Every year we conduct Children’s camp, Medical Camp and we take the children
      to excursion every year.

      This successful program made a lot of school drop out kids back to school
      and helped many kids to continue their education.